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My account has disappeared!

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Don't know if anyone here can help, but I tried to log in to my account to change my billing address, and my entire account has vanished!  I can log in, but I have no numbers (I should have 5, which includes my elderly mother and my son who's at university on the other side of the country). 


I tried to call customer services and after 52 minutes got through to someone who said I'd been moved to another billing platform and my email had been removed and replaced with a generic one (whatever that means).  She said I'd have to re-register with a different email address, which I don't particularly want to do - I don't have a different email address and don't want one just for O2.  But I gave it a go and tried to link my mobile number to it, and of course then it just said my number was registered to another account.  Then she tried to put me through to someone else and promptly cut me off.


Now I'm getting messages saying I haven't paid my bill (I pay by direct debit but they haven't tried to take the payment) and am about to get restricted, and now when I try to phone to find out what's going on, I just get the automated payment line and no option to speak to a person.  I can't log in to the O2 app as it says my account can't be found.  WTF is going on!?

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You are yet another victim of O2's botched system upgrade 

Nothing we can do here

As you can log in contact O2 by one of the methods in the guide

Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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Thanks. I can't log in to the app, and they no longer do chat via the website so I'm stuffed basically.

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This is a customer to customer community so we cannot access your account. You need to contact O2 and I would suggest that you try the social media team :-


Facebook :


X (previously known as Twitter) :


Instagram :


They might take two or three days to engage with you, so please send them the occasional reminder so as to ensure that your issue is not overlooked. 

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