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Loyalty and APR24 Reconnect offer billing system change

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Hi Recently forced to move to the new 360 billing system. I was under the impression the bill was to work out around the same as before. The advisor sold me the new billing system deal under the premise I could then Apply and text LOYALTY for other 2 numbers. After asking another legacy  advisor during migration issues they said that not to text LOYALTY as it will remove the APR24 reconnect offer they applied for the move to another billing system. So I now find myself worse off for the sake of a blind system move. Is this correct info that I cant apply text LOYALTY for the other 2 numbers  to the account 🤔 


Many thanks

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A lot of things change after the mandatory move to 360, @R171 - the discounts offered pre-360 are covered here: Guide: O2 Open & Friends and Family discounts - How to sign up 

However, if something is amiss Post-Migration, the only avenue for support is O2, Guide: How to find help & contact O2 - many are finding the support from the Social Media team to be worth the periodic nudging needed to get through to them via Twitter (X), Facebook messenger or Instagram, link below has the ways to get to them, for your convenience - good luck!

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