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How do I speak with someone at O2 who understands good simple English?

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Good afternoon,

I recently visited our local O2 store and wanted to upgrade my partners phone (with her present). Given her Airtime was out of contract on her mum's account, O2 recommended that we created a new contract on a new account and then transfer the number over.

So we brought the new contract and device, to be told that the number transfer could not be done in the store and that we would have to ring their customer service. I spent the next two hours on the phone with O2, being passed around various different departments and none of the advisors I spoke with could understand our request (which I must add, is fairly simple!!). 

In the end, we spoke with someone who advised that the transfer request had been submitted, and that it would take 24-48 hours to update, at which point, the old Airtime plan would be terminated and the new contract number would be replaced with the old one. 

Fast forward a week, and this has not happened. I have spent another hour on the phone with an advisor today who could not understand me at all and I am now getting texts about cancelling my new contract? She said that there was no transfer request on the system and she said she needed the old account holder to pass security, albeit the other account holder lives over an hour away, so I added her to the call on a conference so that she could go through security, but the O2 advisor stated this is not possible and that we would have to be in person (I mean what is the difference!!!!!). 

Either way, I just want this sorted and I tired of spending hours on the phone to O2 advisors who can't understand simple English and spending money on fuel to travel across the country to be with the other account holder. The most outrageous customer service. I'm half tempted to cancel all my contracts with O2 and take my business elsewhere unless this can be resolved. 

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Migration guide here Guide: Migration & porting into O2  

When you call, ask to be put through to a UK call centre Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

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I would definitely cancel the new contract if yyou are within the first 14 days

Then I would port her number to a network that doesn't mess you about

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