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Hotspot / tethering

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I've just switched to O2 from Vodafone and changed phones to a Galaxy s21. Once a week I use my phone to provide a hotspot for my laptop and use a second mobile to record a live event via zoom and livestreamed via my laptop to Facebook. This worked well with my previous phone and network provider. With O2 I'm struggling. Sometimes it fails to establish any kind of Internet link othertimes it connects but quality is very poor and it constantly drops out. Soon as I switched to a friends phone as a hotspot using virgin it works perfectly. What is wrong with O2 to prevent me using my phone as a hotspot? I did have some issues when first moving to O2 could it be a problem with the sim I recieved? Any help would be appreciated. 


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I'd start by running a speedtest to see what kind of data speeds you are getting.

There may be some work going on or a fault on your network O2 Service Status

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