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Fraud and useless help by o2

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I Spent all day trying to resolve fraud on my o2. It appears to have been hacked by criminals. They got new sims by impersonating me and got Access to my bank and PayPal. O2 have let them in. I’m upset at the robbers of sims and attempts to defraud. Fraud department at my bank said v large sums requested out. PayPal said in an email I that had  set up a direct debit and a v large credit limit. I couldn’t reach them on phone to cancel this credit. Guess why? Because the validation process to log back in and recover my account requires sms text. With the fraud on my o2, I cannot receive sms as fraud criminals have my new sims and my old ones won’t work any more ! O2 simply allowed it to happen. When I phoned them, though they appeared helpful, they didn’t accept responsibility. I’m now left with a compromised PayPal account etc. when I tried later to discover more, o2 only allow their app support ( no phone agents available now) with text validation too. Crazy, because I can’t receive text sms for reasons already given . Crazy, because o2 on their fraud help pages mention fraudsters impersonating and stealing sims. They the go on to direct you to report and stop such activities by logging in to your app, which obviously is impossible. I’m worn out with the battle I’ve been through all day, upset, frustrated and now angry too. Any ideas please?

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We're just customers like you but it sounds as if you need someone to access your account which can't be done from the forum.

You need  to contact O2.

If you message O2 on Facebook ( , Twitter ( or Instagram ( , they should be able to help. Or call them on 202 or 0344 809 0202 (contract)

4445 or 0344 809 0222 (PAYG)

Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

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