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European Rates

Hi, I have dialed 2202 to select European Rates but can't seem to find an option for this.  On pay and go, are we automatically on European rates?  A text I sent to Switzerland recently cost me 10p as opposed to 8p.  I'm looking to travel to Switzerland soon.  Any help much appreciated, thanks!

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Re: European Rates

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all sms sent from the uk to a non uk mobile are charged and on payg see here for those rates http://www.o2.co.uk/support/internationalandtravel select the relevant option then select countries etc and costs will be dispalyed


to send an sms to a swiss mobile

Standard Rates

Our Pay & Go customers will be charged at the following rate for calling this country.

Cost per minute of calling: Switzerland

Cost per text message20p


To sms and call home from switzerland

Receiving calls7p
Sending texts8p
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