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Re: EU roaming WARNING Cyprus

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I have been stung for an additional £70-80 of charges for two items, I was unaware of this cross boarder connecting issue and thought I was covered for my calls, text and data after receiving the welcome to Cyprus message. If I had known I'd have kept the phone turned off. My technical know how doesn't extend as far as editing advance network setting.

I feel like I've been mugged. I'm kind of out of work at the moment (being on a zero hour contract, I have had almost no work since Christmas, I didn't get paid for the care work I did in south Cyprus either) and now my bank account will be overdraw tomorrow as I've only just flown back and it is too late put any money in to cover it (don't you love bank holiday weekends). Thanks O2, I'm going to be in a right mess now. One sentence would have prevented this mess. I feel like swapping my provider at the opportunity.

@MI5Thank you MI5, without the above link I would never have figured out why two concurrent monthly bill are more than double for sake of two south cypress calls.

@jonsieAgreed. If there was just sentence that mentioning the issue in the welcome to cypress text message we would all know and could take steps to protect ourselves from excessive charges.

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Re: EU roaming WARNING Cyprus

Give customer services a call tomorrow @Natasha_B and see if they will offer you a goodwill credit to help with the costs.

You can also make a complaint to highlght the fact that you weren't notified of the costs by roaming onto a Turkish network.

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Re: EU roaming WARNING Cyprus

Hope you get to speak to a sympathetic adviser @Natasha_B and get something back for this. Too late for the bank charges unfortunately but if you have difficulty paying O2 or the bank charges it's best to give them a call.