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Denied a contract

I am currently a university student. I have never had a credit card, yet i have a debit card. I applied for a pay monthly iPhone 7 via 'Mobile Phones Direct'. Unfortunately this application was declined. However, i was unnaware that having a credit score would even be an issue. This, i'm assuming, has now gone down as a failed credit check on my credit history. Is there any way to reverse this and be able to get the phone i orginally wanted - this clearly feels like an unecessary punishment for someone who was merely uninformed.

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Re: Denied a contract

@Samstew101 To get a contract with any phone provider will initiate a credit check. If you have no credit card, you would have no credit history, so I'm unsure as to whether it will go on your record. You'd have to contact the credit check company for that. Try contacting Experian. https://www.experian.co.uk/ In any event, I don't think you will be able to get the phone you want on contract at present.


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Re: Denied a contract

My grandson was in the same position as you @Samstew101 so I took the contract out on his behalf.

He is at Uni and has applied for a credit card and will make small purchases on this, paying back in full every month and this will build up some sort of credit rating...

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Re: Denied a contract

If you're not on the electoral register with a zero credit file, you'll almost always get declined.

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Re: Denied a contract

You could trying calling into an O2 store, I've had bad experience with third party suppliers in the past, even with a good credit file. 


I've known them allow an upfront payment to get you going.

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Re: Denied a contract

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No history is unfortunately as bad as a bad history, note that your credit file only lists a search, it doesn't say if you were accepted or declined.


As has been suggested, get yourself a student credit card, use it sparingly and pay it back in full.


Maybe your parents could help while you build up a bit of history?