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Default Credit Rating HELP !!!

I write this as a first time user who's looking for urgent help, or just support with a credit rating issue as a result of a cancelled 2011 contract !. after months of not using my o2 personal mobile but still paying the bills, reminded by the wife to call and cancel the contract, this i did and after being advised that contract and balance was clear proceeded to stop the DD payment. To my surprise i got a debt recovery letter out of the blue in early May 18 for £21 ! although annoyed thought nothing of this and paid the balance next day ! Here is when my problems start, applied and accepted for a mortgage without any issues in June last week i had a call from my lender (underwriter) to inform me that due to a single defaulted credit rating on Experian i had been turned down on the mortgage WOW how can this be ! £21 which wasn't owning and had not been advised by o2 at the time of cancelling the contract was now potentially costing us our dream move ! 


I have spoken to Experian, o2 my mortgage lender and cant get anyone to help, please please please could someone tell me how i can speak to someone at CreditReferalso2.co.uk in leads i understand they will get hundreds of requests for help but i just need to know when and if this will be cleared with o2 and Experian.

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Re: Default Credit Rating HELP !!!

Unfortunately the team are only contactable by email:
Credit File Referrals Team
Suite P
Arlington Business Centre
LS11 0NE
Fax 0113 2025865
What I can do is tag @Marjo to see if she can help you though with getting this moving for you.
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Re: Default Credit Rating HELP !!!

Hi @nps27 sorry to hear about your experience with this - I'm going to send you a Private Message here on the forum shortly to get a few additional details and we can get this looked at for you. Hang in there!

Thanks for the tag @MI5thumbsup

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Re: Default Credit Rating HELP !!!

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Sadly not the first time I've read of this happening and for small amounts too and spread across all of the operators.


One of the many reasons I've steered well clear of contracts.


NEVER EVER cancel a DD for a mobile operator as if the final bill isn't settled this way their billing system can torpedo your credit history.


NEVER mention the word cancellation, even if you want to ditch the number, get a PAYG SIM, top up by a tenner and PAC the number onto it.

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Re: Default Credit Rating HELP !!!

If the balance was paid as you say, place a notice of correction on your file until it's sorted by o2. Some mortgage lenders will accept this and grant you the mortgage. Sadly only The Credit Referral team can sort this for you by removing the default.