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Cost of using phone in Tenerife Spain

What is the current charges for using my O2 phone abroad and can I buy a temporary pay as you go sim card for my ipad. Thanks

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Re: Cost of using phone in Tenerife Spain

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If you are on pay monthly and have o2 travel the eu rates apply eg 50p a call for up to an hour, uses inc mins for outgoing calls incomming just the 50p


If on payg then different rates


see here http://international.o2.co.uk/internationaltariffs/travelling_abroad use spain as country and select payg or pay monthly


Re ipad lust get a local ipad compatable sim on payg and use that or find free wifi

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Re: Cost of using phone in Tenerife Spain

Most bars and restaurants in Tenerife have free wifi but you may need to ask for the password. They gladly issue you with it as long as you are a paying customer. The hotel I stayed in recently charged 15 euros for the week for up to 4 devices.