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Click and Collect refund nightmare

I ordered a new iPhone and it clearly said “click and collect today”. I was asked to pay a deposit and so I paid £375 up front. Three hours into ordering I was told “click and collect today” means from the day the store receives my order from a central warehouse. I felt misled so I cancelled my order with customer services. A few days down the line I called to chase my refund and O2 told me they cannot process my refund until they receive the phone back from the O2 store. It then took the O2 store a further 7 days to send the phone back. I finally received confirmation from customer services today that the phone had been received but now they are saying it will take them a further 14 days to send my refund. I’m a livid with O2 to say the least - why do I have to wait a further 14 days?! That means I would have waited nearly a month for my refund!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Click and Collect refund nightmare


I sympathise with this situation. I always think they are quick to take your money and slow to return it.

It's not good but the way it works unfortunately.

You could ring O2 again and maybe another advisor could be more helpful if you explain how desperate you are to get your money refunded Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

Do NOT use live chat for this.

Best of luck and welcome to the forum Welcome

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