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Changing numbers on family plan?

Hi, I added a new phone contract to my existing account so my wife could have a new phone.  We've joined the friends and family plan with it and the O2 assistant gave my wife a new SIM card for the handset.  However, she wants to keep her old number (giffgaff) so has obtained a PAC code from them.  As the phone was registered on the friends and family discount with the new mobile number (SIM card) does anyone know if we can change this number and still stay on the friends and family plan? Thank you

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Re: Changing numbers on family plan?

@ck1971 You will need to speak to customer service. Call. Don't use Live Chat.



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Re: Changing numbers on family plan?

Hi @ck1971

You should be able to as all you are doing is changing the number.

As long as its not an upgrade or a new contract where you would have to re-apply again




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Re: Changing numbers on family plan?

Yes you can. Just give the PAC to customer service and they will sort it for you.

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Re: Changing numbers on family plan?

Only the number will change, nothing else.
The discount will still apply.
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