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Bolt ons

Hi, I just recently changed my tariff which isn't due to change until 4th October.. But today my data ran out..! I've been trying to add a one off bolt on to add data for tomorrow but it won't let me..! Can anyone advise me how I can top up as I need data for tomorrow..? 🙏
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Re: Bolt ons

Hi @AngeC

You may need to try later as sometimes O2 updates its systems at this time of night.

However, if still having problems, then you need to ring customer services first thing in the morning (best time between 8am-8.30am) and ask for their help https://www.o2.co.uk/contactus

Best of luck and welcome to the forum Welcome


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Re: Bolt ons

You can only change tariffs once a month so you can't add a bolt on until the tariff change completes on the 4th.
Customer services can override it but you can't yourself.
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