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4G data in Leeds City Walk - LS11 - useless

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4G is useless in LS11 9AR.


I have full 4G signal all day every day. But, data services over that signal often do not work. If they work, they are incredibly slow. Voice services work fine (but not voice mail, which I guess requires the data connection.)


It's not my phone because the minute I leave LS11 it's fine. For example, it's fine in LS1, LS2 and LS6 where I live. Colleagues on O2 have similar issues to me in the building. It's as if the back-haul conncetivity from the cell supporting LS11 9AR is congested.


Tried reporting it to O2 via customer services but they always seem to think my SIM is faulty, despite me pointing out that SIM cards do not go faulty in certain areas, or that my colleagues SIMs are suddenly faulty too.


If someone from O2 is reading, help ???

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@Bambino wrote:

This mast congestion excuse that O2 has been using for some time now is getting tiring. I think that with the introduction of 4G, data use has increased to a point where the masts can't handle it, and even though O2 are in the process of upgrading masts, they've been caught with their pants down, and this is going to go on for a long time to come.


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I don't think 02 have ever used the 'congestion' excuse officially.

It's members here who suggest it may be the case.
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As suggested earlier in the thread, it's the fibre backhaul that can't cope with the traffic. Disappointing that this is happening on a 4g system now as well as 3g too......
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