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remote usage of my phone

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does anyone else have pennies disappearing from their credit without any usage of the phone and data turned off?

My previous phone was somehow remotely accessed by someone who stole all my credit from 3 sims plus 1 sim from another phone which I had purchased at the same time (same make and model) at first I thought it was my Asda sim as that credit went first so I had them send me a new sim and transfer the little bit of credit onto the new sim but the next day that credit was gone too then it used my O2 credit so I contacted O2 and was advised to reset the phone to factory settings so as it would hopefully get rid of anything I might have downloaded but this didn't help and as I had barred all outgoing calls I could hear the phone telling whoever was trying to use it that the call could not be made and to contact customer services or words to that effect

I tried reporting this to Asda but they had no interest in helping but they did tell me that the calls that had used my credit were international numbers in Tunisia and Morroco. I temporarily put my O2 sim into my old phone which does not have internet access and purchased a new phone then had to get O2 to send me new sim card as mine was so old it did not fit into the new phone but now my credit is dwindling by a few pennies a week, I have not made any calls and still have international and premium and data barred so where is this money going, I even put a bar on texts so I just need to know if this is the same thief who is accessing my number but I can't think what would cost so little 





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An older plea for help - but if you still have the problem and don't have any info in MyO2 to help, then someone in O2 will need to access your account to help - message O2 on 

Facebook ( , 

Twitter ( or 

Instagram ( , they should be able to help you with this, @TriciaS58 - good luck!


Who ya gonna call? O2 Social Media (Twitter | Facebook | Instagram)


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