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o2 taking £2 a day out of my balance

i have used all my data out of my package, it renews in two weeks, i have put enough money in my balance to cover the renewal but o2 are taking £2 a day out of my balance, why?

my balance is to cover the renewal, if they take £2 a day out of it there will not be enough to cover the renewal, surely that is wrong?

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Re: o2 taking £2 a day out of my balance

Hi @robbietheprydd,


You're being charged the out of bundle rate (as you've run out of data for the month).


The daily rate is 100mb for £2.


I'd recommend turning your mobile data off until you're bundle renews or you'll still be charged £2 a day. I'd also recommend upping your bundle tariff to something higher if you're using more data per month. You can do this by giving us a call on 4445 free from your mobile.


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Re: o2 taking £2 a day out of my balance

the sim card is in a router in a caravan 200 miles away from home, the caravan is empty 2 weeks of every month so the need for extra data is not relevant, the charges of £2 a day should only be incorporated if there is a demand for data when the allowance has been used. as the caravan is empty until the beginning of the next period all i need to do is make sure there is adequate funds in mjy account to cover the next period.

there is no possiblity of phoning 4445 as the sim is not in a mobile phone.

this charge is not correct as there isn't a demand for more data.

if this charge has been wrongly administered it is not for me to correct it.

I can not be expected to drive 200 miloes just to put a sim card in a mobile phone just to turn off the mobile data that is not being used!!!

I expect the £2 payments to be given back as i have not demanded extra data outsdie of the bundle.

i look forwartd to your response


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Re: o2 taking £2 a day out of my balance

Still waiting!!
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Re: o2 taking £2 a day out of my balance


You'll be waiting a long time as this is a community forum of customers just like yourself.

If you want help from O2 customer service you need to call them. 

Numbers here Guide: Coronavirus Community Help and Support 

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