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Unable to change my email address

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I bought a sim card from O2 and registered it with my email. Then I ported that number to my current number. I wanted to register my current number with the same email address that I registered with the number that doesnt exist anymore but im unable to register with the same email. Is there a way to retrieve my email and register with the current number that I am using ?

I contacted the chat service and one of the O2 team members confirmed that he had refreshed my O2 account and I would be able to set it up with my email after 24 hours . So i waited more than 24 hours and nothing had changed. Then again i contacted the chat service and the back to square 1 doing all my security checks and nothing worked out . In the end I was suggested to contact customer care 4445. 


I am able to log in to  my O2 account but I am unable to change or manage any details because O2 keeps sending code (security checks) to the number which got ported. That number doesnt exsist anymore. That number has been replaced with my current number. 

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Re: Unable to change my email address

I'm afraid only customer service can help you and it's far better to call them rather than using chat. There is no way of changing details if the texts are going to the redundant number.

I'll mention @Martin-O2 as he may be able to help but calling first thing at 8.30am is the best option.

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Re: Unable to change my email address

Thanks for tagging me in this one @jonsie


@Zian How are you getting on with your email address issue? Are you still having difficulties changing it? 

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Re: Unable to change my email address

@jonsie Thank you for your recommendation jonsie.
@Martin Thank you for asking. After waiting for 24 hours each day which dragged upto 4 days then I was advised to create a new email address. I couldn't retrieve my email in the end.
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Re: Unable to change my email address

Exactly the same happened to me - the advice given here is correct, you need to talk to them, and hope that you get a good 'un on the phone.

It's all OK now, BTW

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