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Accepted Solution

Transfer of funds to alternative sim.

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I have managed to drop one of my PAYG phones into water, and it has drowned. I have £9.98 credit on this phone, how can I transfer this credit to my other PAYG phone?

I did a chat, but the operative was not able to assist.

Thank you.

Did a search, and think I can sort it, thank you.


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Re: Transfer of funds to alternative sim.

Call 4445 and speak to someone there.
As lon as both phones in your name you can transfer the credit but it will cancel the sim you are transferring from.
Alternatively you can just get a new sim with same number and credit for the damaged one.
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Re: Transfer of funds to alternative sim.

@tarren2You would need to contact customer services to transfer any credit. I presume that's how you got it sorted? https://www.o2.co.uk/contactus

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Re: Transfer of funds to alternative sim.

If losing the number isn't a problem then yes call customer service and they will transfer the credit for you. Otherwise as said, order a replacement sim card if you have a spare phone you can use.