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Living abroad

Hi All,

I’ve just changed from a pay monthly account to PAYG as I am going to live abroad and wanted to keep my number. Although I will only use the phone when I’m back in the UK, I was told that I had to make at least one call every three months to keep my number.


What I didn’t realise until I arrived here in the Philippines is that I cannot make any calls at all with an O2 PAYG sim. As I also need to receive texts on my number,


I’m wondering how can I keep my number if I cannot call out, does calling voicemail count as a call?

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Re: Living abroad

I think you can txt aswel to keep it running I'm not sure tho wait for other comments aswel
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Re: Living abroad

Hi @Bazzank

In order to keep your sim active and retain your number you need to make a chargeable call or text every 6 months and top up every 999 days. Calling voicemail doesn't count as a chargeable call

Hope the above helps and you enjoy living in the Philippines.
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Re: Living abroad

Looking at the information for Phillipines I am not sure you can use your phone there.

The costs are unavailable which (I think) means you cannot use any network.


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Re: Living abroad

@Bazzank  Probably be better to use a local sim as there are plenty of mobile networks in the Phillipines, just nothing available for O2 PAYG customers

Having said that, the rule for keeping your sim active still applies wherever you are in the world

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Re: Living abroad

The only thing I can think of for you to keep your sim active is to have a live chat every 6 months and explain that you don't have any network coverage and ask them if they can keep your sim card active.
Live chat on link http://www.o2.co.uk/contactus
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Re: Living abroad

Many thanks for your replies.

having done some more investigation, I’ve found that only Three have a roaming agreement with the Philippines, so, unfortunately I’m going to have to port my number to them.


its a pity, as I’ve been with o2 since Cellnet first started.


Thanks again

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Re: Living abroad

Hi @Bazzank
You might have some issues porting number outside UK.
“On the day of the switch

You'll need to be in the UK when your number switches.”

Unless you’re planning to this when here.
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