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PAYG Bolt Ons: Landlines 100 & Snack 100 Mins difference

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I am wanting to ring mobiles (any network) and landline numbers generally 07, 01, maybe 08.


I have read the terms and conditions of these Snack 100 (£3/mnth) & Landlines 100(£5/mnth) but they dont seem to offer more for the more you pay?


T&C from o2 site says:


Snack 100 £3: 

  • 9.    Your Snack 100 Minutes Bolt On allowance cannot be used for the following calls:
  1. Video calls
  2. Calls to 08, 05 and 07 service numbers. Charges for calls to these numbers can be viewed at

Landlines 100 £5

  • 8.   Excluded calls are video calls, calls starting 05, 08, 07744 or 07755, calls to Voicemail 901, calls made to mobile numbers, calls made from the UK to abroad, calls made whilst abroad, calls to premium rate numbers and mobile internet calls.


Whats the landline 100 for £5 for anyways?


Thanks in advanced!



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This is what I found...


  1. Your Snack 100 Minutes Bolt On allowance can be used for calls (excluding video calls) made in the UK from your O2 mobile to:
    1. UK landlines starting 01, 02 or 03; and
    2. Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man landlines; and
    3. Numbers allocated to UK mobile network operators that provide mobile services with substantial national coverage. This currently includes the major mobile operators O2, Everything Everywhere, Vodafone and Three, and other virtual mobile providers such as Virgin Mobile and Tesco Mobile. 


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Old and out dated bolt ons for people on old expensive tariffs.

You're probably much better off switching to a newer bundle tariff where you get unlimited calls and texts to all these numbers Guide: Your Allowances - what is and isn't included 


Bundle tariffs here which cn switch to in your MyO2

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