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New Customer Roaming Not Working Ireland

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So last week I visited an O2 store in London - got a PAC code from Vodafone and moved my number to O2 pretty seamlessly. One of the reasons I moved, explained to the assistant in the shop, was the EU and international roaming. I purchased a £20 bundle said would be used for Roaming as from Saturday. 


I arrived in Ireland, first stop on my trip going to France next, and I have had a NIGHTMARE. Roaming does not work cannot make calls or send texts, internet is up a down works sometimes not others have to reboot phone to get to connect etc. In addition to this over 4 calls to customer service taking up approximately 4 hours of my holiday I still have not gkt a solution. I am stuck in non connected hell exactly when I need to be connected and O2 appears to have no solution or plan to get me connected. I have turned phone on and off, checked data roaming is on, taken sim card out etc. I was not told about texting TRAVELON before leaving UK but apparently O2 have sorted that but I cannot make any calls or receive texts. I am at my wits end as I have no confidence another 40mins or so with customer service will get me anywhere. Any help or ideas appreciated. 

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o2 cant control the local networks. Have you tried connect to a different network? Such as Three or Vodafone IE?


All you can do is speak to an agent and get them to check there are no strange bars on the device. 


Also for data check your APN is set to


Other than that you will need to persevere with o2.

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You don't need to test TRAVELON for EU roaming at all.

It's free for everyone.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.
Please select the post that helped you best and mark as the solution. This helps other members in resolving their issues faster. Thank you.
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I understand does not help me as I have no roaming have a bundle that should give it to me. O2 customer service agree but it is just not working any ideas to solve as O2 have none so far. 

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On 3Ireland Network - will not register on Vodafone. Will see if any others come up. 

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Vodafone have virtually closed down 3G in Ireland Eir have closed 3G in some major towns, only Three are running normally

O2 PAYG phones will only make and receive voice calls on 3G or 2G and although the phone should drop to 2G if 3G is missing, it seems it is not always the case.

I would suggest you manually select Three and see what happens 


This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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@madasaf1sh wrote:



All you can do is speak to an agent and get them to check there are no strange bars on the device. 




Will @Roaminghell be able to check for bars via MyO2 ? 


Guide: O2 BARs 

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