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Extra charges for data

I recently upgraded to unlimited data because I travel regularly.
However each month I am charged extra for being abroad.
I am not interested in the excuse in the O2 fair usage policy, because this policy is inadequate in its description, and definition in this area.
I need o2 to stick to their agreement unlimited means unlimited.
P.s I have never been more than 600 mb.
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Re: Extra charges for data

@Femski001 I think you need to read the Terms & Conditions regarding data usage abroad. The description is far from inadequate, and does say that your data will be restricted. As far as I was aware unlimited only applies to usage while in the UK. If you're unhappy about your charges, there's a link to lodge a complaint within the link below:



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Re: Extra charges for data


There is no unlimited data tariff on PAYG.

If you use more than your UK allowances when abroad, you will be charged.

This is very clear in the T&C's.

You are also restricted to 20gb on PAYG when not in the UK but in Europe.

If outside of Europe, O2 travel rules apply which does give you unlimited daily data but which is almost impossible to use in excess as it is heavily throttled.


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