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Sim Network Unlock Pin

My wife has just been sent the new Samsung Galaxy s4 minI from EE, she did not even open the box saying that she had changed her mind about wanting it and asked if I would like to use it. When I inserted my O2 sim card into the phone I got a message saying that I need to enter a Sim network unlock pin. The box that the phone came in was still sealed and did not have any Logos on the box saying that it was locked to any particular network.


Is the phone locked to EE, and will I have to pay to get this phone unlocked, or can O2 unlock the phone for me?

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Re: Sim Network Unlock Pin

It's more than likely locked to EE, and you will probably need an EE sim to unlock it. I'm fairly certain there won't be anything that O2 could do to get it unlocked.