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Upgrading To 24GB Plus - Confused if Eligible For 75 Destinations

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I'm currently on a SIM only 30 Day rolling contract brought over from Virgin Mobile around this time last year. £9.79 per month. 

I'm looking at upgrading to a SIM only 12 month contract so as I can benefit from the Travel Inclusive for the additional 27 countries outside the EU. When I go through the steps to select a package, I get one for £21.99 per month - 24GB data doubled up as I'm a Virgin Media customer plus the all the roaming options. 

However this link here: then "What if I move sim only tariffs?" makes out I'm not going to be eligible in my situation "If you are upgrading to a sim only tariff of 30GB - 99GB on or after 5 November 2020, you'll be able to choose O2 Travel in our Inclusive Zone as your Extra."

So is O2's system wrong in allowing me to upgrade to that tariff or wrongly showing "75 destinations" or are the quoted T&Cs wrong? What I don't want to happen is sign up for a 12 month contract and when I arrive in Canada in a few weeks time I can't then roam unless I go for the £6 a day Bolt option or purchase a local eSIM. 



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All "plus" plans come with travel inclusive as standard.

You will also get it as a Volt customer, so no worries for you and its the T&C's that are out of date.

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