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O2 abroad

My phone is showing 4G with a local service provider in Canada. However the speed is equivalent to the old ‘dial up’ broadband. Friends are with Vodaphone and using the same local service provider and have expected 4G speed - why is my phone performance so poor?
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Re: O2 abroad

@BGT1 you may not be connected to O2's preferred network so a manual network search may get you better results, however, it is well known that O2 throttle data speeds abroad outside of the EU so that might be the best you can get from them.

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Re: O2 abroad


Try using 3G instead. You may find that works far better for you....

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Re: O2 abroad

Thanks everyone. I have tried Manual selection of other service providers and turning off 4G but neither improve performance. I’m guessing the throttling of data speeds may be the reason, especially given our friends on Vodaphone aren’t having any problems