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International bolt on

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I recently travelled to Canada, zone 1. On arrival, I received a text from 02 to buy a zone 1 bolt on but, when I followed the links, only zone 3 was available. I tried the 23336 text but it told me to call. I called and was put on a loop that kept telling me to opt for zone 1, which wasn't an option on my screen (only zone 3 bundles were shown).  23336 worked perfectly for South Africa last year. I am concerned as I am back in Canada later this year & travel to India next. If I can't get an appropriate zone on my phone then I am reliant on finding WiFi which isn't always available. How do you get zone 1 added as a bolt on, if that doesn't show as an option?

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Does your MyO2 show a Travel Inclusive bolt-on, @Oakwood1?

Sometimes the presence of one bolt on blocks application of another - see here for help:

You may already be aware of this useful guide, which does not mention zones, just O2 Travel (£6 per day that you use it), O2 Travel Inclusive (Volt customers or Plus Plan customers) and Roam like Home (EU only, no bolt on needed): Guide: Roaming MegaGuide 

Failing that, contact O2 via Social Media at one of the 3 links given at the page linked directly below. Good luck!

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