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Screen burn

Hi, I have had, for a while, some marks on the right side of my Sony Xperia - where the buttons are. I had a quick investigation online and it seems to be burn marks. I have, this week, started to have problems charging my phone also. It shows as cha...

TC78 by Level 1: Joiner
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Doro 6520 compatibility with Nissan Micra bluetooth

Hi, Has anyone here paired a Doro 6520 with a Nissan Micra? The Nissan Micra manual rather unhelpfully says that some Bluetooth phones may not pair and the person in the shop couldn't say for sure. Thanks in advance to anyone who has tried it and kno...

MikeBUK by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! How do I prepare my Android for Exchange/sale?

I have been looking at the Samsung A50 or A70 I would most appreciate advice on how best toclean my phone which is an Android Lumia 640 ready to hand in for exchange to Samsung. I have removed all photos.I have removed all contactsI have removed all ...

TallTrees by Level 33: Firestarter
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Resolved! o2 Won`t give me my money back !

o2 (Mobile Contract) took about £85 from my account after the contract has been finished!!! Absolute Rubbish Customer Service. I STILL WAITING 14 DAYS FOR MY MONEY BACK !!! I had to speak to FIVE people ! RUBBISH SERVICE AND SUPPORT !

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Printer problems - change from wireless use to cable to assist ?

Hi folks welcome to 2019 I use a laptop , ASUS vivobook with a wireless HP Envy printer in wireless mode. Im now experiencing printing issues which I cant locate. Im looking to try the printer with cable but Im not sure how to disable the wireless mo...

Jenny105 by Level 15: Gaining a Reputation
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Resolved! Data SIM card for a obd car tracking device

Hi allCan some please help , I’ve been pushed from pillar to post and no one has a clue . I need a sim that is a GSM and GPRS capable and it only needs to be a data only either a PAYG or PM . Does anyone have an idea what sim I should get please ? Bt...

Rf1 by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! preparing a device for sale - desktop or phone

Hi I'm thinking of selling my desktop and /or phone. Both are owned outright . I'd like to know how to protect myself. Is there a trusty website that can advise on the subject below; Protecting files (docs, pictures etc) from the buyer. These can be ...

Jenny105 by Level 15: Gaining a Reputation
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Resolved! Nokia 623i phone

Why do I have such differculty in connecting to the internet on my old Nokia 623i mobile phone


I have activated a pay as you go sim and added funds.Sim card is in tracker.How do I track the tracker

Hillsey by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Huawei tablet offer

Evening everyone, I switched to a P20 pro at Christmas and waited 30 days to be able to apply for the tablet. I filled everything in and sent a picture of my order form. Now I haven't received an email or any confirmation that's its went through, wou...

Andy83 by Level 1: Joiner
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