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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro review

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Ok here is a quick opinion on them in my inimitable way. I will keep the jargon to a minimum.


These were originally sold about the same time when the S21 series was released in around quarter 1 of this year .


You need a samsung with the wearable app to get the best out of them. Each bud uses a silicon cover over the concentric dual drivers dedicated bass and mid/highs.  In flat mode with no eq they lack some higher end treble for their price point.  An eq will fix this however it is worth noting.


Battery life is 5 hours of use and about 3 charges from the case itself. Which is actually really quite useful. Connection to your phone tablet is over Bluetooth 5.x and Android 7 upwards. 


Using the ANC and controls can be done using the gear app or by tapping the outside of the bud. Essential single, double and triple tap which can be configured. Another thing is you can do is switch to ambient mode on the fly so you can hear the outside world. Speech detection reduces the volume it detects speaking.


Call quality is only good as the source so a 4g call will be clear as expected. Although the controls may take a while to get used to.


The down side to these are the size of the earphone cases. Which are large and sometimes difficult to keep inside your ears.


Listening to the war of the worlds on flac format reproduces the soundtrack with a good amount of clarity. 


Pink Floyd in 24/96 flac format sounds great with the nuances being strums, the piano hammers; not quite in the studio but based on prior times on hearing this I would so almost as good as my shure se425 Iem I used to own.


Well if this is your first foray into the world of higher quality earbuds then it is not a bad place to start. Buds 2 are now available so maybe look at them too as they are cheaper 



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Thanks for the mini review @anticpated

Personally I don't wear earbuds. Spending most of my time at home there is no need.

However, for those who do, they sound pretty good and as you say, a good place to start. 😉

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