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Please help me to remove default of£16 from my O2 account

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Hi team,

Good afternoon! Hope you're doing good.
I subscribed to a O2 Mobile broadband plan in June 2018 and eventually closed my account in Dec 2019. 
While closing my account, I've been informed by the O2 customer service team(over phone) that the Device charge would be automatically deducted from my account and there is nothing I need to do.
I didn't even get any emails or posts since then, so I was under impression that the account is closed without any issues.
This morning, I was trying to submit a mortgage application to purchase a new house and surprisingly it got rejected on the basis of a bad credit report. 
Upon checking my detailed credit report, I was baffled to see that there is a default on my name against O2 payment for £16 which is for the broadband device. I spoke with one of your colleagues Michelle and managed to clear the debt and the reference number is "[Personal details removed]
I sincerely request you to help me with this and update the credit file accordingly. If I was aware of the due amount, I would have cleared it straight away.
I never had any sort of arrears throughout my life. Please help me to remove this default from my Credit file so that it can help me with my mortgage application 
My O2 Account details:

[Personal details removed]

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@gmarkj Good afternoon! Hope you're doing fine.

Unfortunately, my issue has not been resolved yet. I am very much worried that I might lose the opportunity to purchase my Dream house as the Developer can't wait beyond Feb. Not sure if there is any other option to get the Credit File updated soon. Would really appreciate any help. O2 team is my only hope to be able to submit my mortgage application

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Are you still in contact with @O2Lisa or anyone in Credit referrals @sravan ?
I am just a customer of o2, so apart from point you in the direction of the few o2 staff on here there is not much I can do...

If the problem is an incorrectly applied default then you can apply to have a notice of correction put on, but if the default is correct there is not much that can be done.

If Lisa is not able to help you could try putting in a complaint, but again the replies are not immediate.

Resolve your O2 Complaints for free | Resolver UK 

Please note, this is not customer services and we cannot access your account. Do not publish personal details (email, phone number, bank account).

Link to our guide on how to contact them can be found here

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Thanks for the tag @gmarkj.

@sravan I'll message you privately and see if we have any updates for you 

My working hours are Monday - Thursday 08:00 - 18:00
Any messages sent outside these time will be responded to on my return.
Thanks slight_smile

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