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Health monitoring devices

Not sure if this is the right board - but I was debating purchasing a health monitoring device. I am not yet ready to purchase the apple watch and have a budget of around 150-200. I see I have options with Samsung, Garmin and Fitibit.


Would love feedback and which one works best with apple, as I do own an iPhone 7.




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Re: Health monitoring devices

Fitbit is likely your best choice tbh.
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Re: Health monitoring devices

Hi @ElaGirl I haven't got one to share info about.. but Macworld have some they recommend.

Quite a few fit into your price range (if you discount Apples own!) https://www.macworld.co.uk/feature/iphone/fitness-trackers-that-work-with-apples-health-app-3605284/


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Re: Health monitoring devices

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If that is your price range then Fitbit certainly should be high on the list.
I would recommend going to a shop that sells these and ask if you can try a couple on.
In terms of functions, look for one that has a heart rate monitor, consider battery life and how often it will need charging, and waterproof rating. One more thing would be the syncing between device and phone which would be dependent on the amount of data the actual device could store.
I have the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 which is a great little thing. Costs about £25 on Amazon and you can change the band colour (and material) to suit.

Edit - just to add, I have an Android phone. Not sure if the Mi Band works with apple phones...

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Re: Health monitoring devices

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+1 for the MiBand 2.....it just does what it says on the tin.


Fitbit, Garmin etc are just overpriced and don't accurately measure.....google it if you don't believe me!!