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This should be posted on the Community Home Page but, unfortunately, cannot post on there. In these dreadful times, members of this O2 Community have excelled themselves in their help and support of O2 customers, they are, in my opinion, true heroes ...

Mi-Amigo by Level 43: Bright Spark
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Chester The Cat

Last Saturday I adopted a cat becauseI saw a post from Cat Friends of HyndburnI was really touched by his sorry storyI was wanting a cat and he wanted his own homeI've decided that I'm unlikely to go back to Thailand so wouldn't have to leave him wit...

Chester 18.01.20206.jpg Chester 18.01.20201.jpg Chester 18.01.20208.jpg
jonsie by Level 94: Supreme
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Thought of the day

As part of the #o2surprise that I received last week, there was a jar of smiles. Many were keen to see what would come out of the jar each day, so here are the ones so far! The one that I picked out on Friday was "If you want to see the rainbow, you ...

gmarkj by Level 57: Major
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The Virtual Lounge

Anyone here ? [Please see related discussion about "The Virtual Lounge" here]

blissgirl by Level 27: Desk Jockey
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News : Twitter will track which apps you use on your phone

Headline : Twitter will track which apps you use on your phone. Excerpt from the Link "It's no secret that Twitter has been looking for ways to put more targeted ads in your social feed, but its latest approach may make you uncomfortable if you jealo...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Top Gear: Worth £55million!!

My personal view is that they have the best job in the world, they are good at it, they are right fit it and they get paid well for it! Jammy gits! Thoughts?

L_W_Ward by Level 11: Motivator
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Blackberry is paying iPhone users to switch to the Passport

Currently only for North American customers but who knows where it will go next......?

MI5 by Level 94: Supreme
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Happy Birthday Cleoriff!

Hi everyone, @Cleoriff made me aware that is her birthday today! We thought it might be nice to set up a thread for you all to share your nice posts and help her celebrate HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLEORIFF! I'm also wondering if any...

Toby by Former Staff
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Another rubbish post.

Just thought I would add another This place has gotten a whole lot worse lately, part's of this board are turning in to a social media forum full of non related rubbish & link's being posted just so users post counts go higher, carry on like this & i...

rubbish2.jpg Fence%20post.jpg
Anonymous by Not applicable
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GoodBye Everyone And O2...

Hello and I would just try to keep it short I'm leaving O2 and would like to thank all this community all of u guys have always been here for myself and others I just got a lot going on and it has been a really good experience in this community I wou...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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BT Might Buy Back O2

HelloI read in the daily mail I think that's the one that BT might buy back O2 is this news true does anyone know anything about this...Thanks..

Anonymous by Not applicable
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