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The 100th White Room Quiz

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Welcome to 



   There are two White Room Quizzes each week - one on Monday and one on Wednesday.


                                 Today`s White Room Quiz is the 100th White Room Quiz

                                   since the White Room Quiz began on 01 August 2019.


This 100th White Room Quiz is 15 questions, instead of the usual 8 questions, with one question on each of these categories


           MUSIC      ART         MOVIES          TV          SPORT     GAMES   FOOD & DRINK

Each question is, in some way associated with "one hundred".

Each person who successfully gives 15 correct answers will be awarded the PLATINUM THINKER.


The White Room Quiz is open to all members.

Those wishing to take part must pm me - @Mi-Amigo - with their answers between 12 noon today [Wednesday] and 11.59pm tomorrow [Thursday]


I hope our regular quizzers

  @Cleoriff  @pgn  @jonsie  @MI5  @gmarkj  @Anonymous  @LukasB  @Martin-O2  @TheresaV 

  @Marjo @TallTrees and @O2Karl  [who joined in previous WRQ and expressed an interest in this one] 


and any member, who has taken part in the past or has never taken part, and new members

will join in with today`s 100th White Room Quiz.




Q1 HISTORY. The Hundred Years War began in 1337 when Gascony was confiscated from Edward III,

                       by which King of France?


Q2 PEOPLE.   Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother reached the age of 100 on 4 August 2000.

                       Who was her husband?


Q3 GEOGRAPHY. Hundred River rises near East Green, from where it flows south to Knodishall.

                              In which English county is Hundred River and the village of Knodishall?


Q4 PLACES.   Hundred Islands National Park is in Alaminos.

                       In which country is Hundred Islands National Park?


Q5 NATURE.  Tuatara, species of reptiles, can live to 100 years of age.

                       Tuatara are native to which country?


Q6 SPACE.      The 100th space flight by the US or Russia was by a US Space Shuttle which took off

                        on 30 August 1984. What was the name of this US Space Shuttle?


Q7 WORDS.    What is the word which means the number 1 followed by 100 zeros?


Q8 LITERATURE. Hundred Acre Wood is the fictional place inhabited by Winnie the Poo and his friends

                            In which book of poetry by A A Milne, published in 1924, was Hundred Acre Wood

                            first mentioned? 


Q9 MUSIC.   Status Quo released their 100th single in June 2013.

                     What was the title of the record?


Q10 ART.      Which Dutch artist painted almost 100 self-portraits?


Q11 MOVIES. Christopher Lee appeared in over 100 movies.

                        What were the names of the characters did he played in the 2002 movie

                         - Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones ? 


Q12 TV.          The 100th Dr Who story - The Stones of Blood [in four-parts in Season 16, serial 3] was

                        first screened 28 Oct to 18 Nov 1978. Who played the Doctor?


Q13 SPORT.     Who was the first player to score 100 goals in the Premiership - in 1995-96 season?


Q14 GAMES.   Two properties on a standard UK London Monopoly board cost £100.

                         One is The Angel Islington. What is the other?


Q15 FOOD & DRINK. The ingredients of Bermuda Hundred cocktail are Campari, pineapple juice,

                                    fresh lime juice, Orgeat and which spirit?


The White Room Quiz is open to all members of the Community.


Those who want to take part must pm [private message] me [Mi-Amigo] with their answers between 12 noon today [Wed 27 Jan] and 23.59 [11.59pm] tomorrow [Thursday 28 Jan]

- allowing 36 hours to pm your answers.


Please do not post your answers on the thread.


The answers - and results for each player taking part - will be posted on morning of Fri 29 Jan 2021.



                                                                THE RULES

Each member must pm [private message] their answers to me [Mi-Amigo] after 12 noon today [Wed 27 January 2021] and before 23.59 [11.59pm] tomorrow [Thurs 28 January 2021].

No member is to post any answer on the thread.

Any answer received after 23.59 [11.59pm] on Thursday 28 January will be declared void.

No googling, wiki, youtube search for answers.


The White Room Quiz is open to all members.

New members, who have recently joined the Community, and members who have not taken part before, are welcome to join the "regulars" and take part in this quiz


Each correct answer given by each member will be awarded a star .


In addition, the following trophies will be awarded for

                                                                        15 correct



                                                               Platinum Thinker


                          12 correct      10 correct     8 correct     6 correct     4 correct

                            answers          answers       answers      answers      answers

                      diamond-thinker.jpggolden-thinker.jpg     silver-thinker.jpg    bronze-thinker-crop.jpg      red-thinker.jpg

                            Diamond         Golden         Silver         Bronze              Red

                             Thinker           Thinker       Thinker      Thinker           Thinker


Please feel free to post any comments on the questions - but not the answers - on this thread.

If you have any questions about the quiz, please ask and I will reply here.


Thank you everyone for your interest and for making the quiz so popular.

I hope everyone enjoys today`s White Room Quiz, and find it fun.

Good luck, everyone




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The Sheldon is so accurate! sweat_smile But you do know that @LukasB is going to come for me for revenge now @Cleoriff @Mi-Amigo joy I think I might have started something.....

@TheresaV and @Cleoriff 

The fear...

Pin on TV shows

Well that made me laugh...I always thought it was Revenge is a dish best served cold rofl But nude sounds great...LOL

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