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Pandemic - what pandemic ?? ( NOT a Covid-denier post )

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Judging by the sheer number of non-mask wearers seething round Ambleside today, you would be forgiven for thinking that the last twelve months or so have all been just a bad dream mask

If this behavior is being repeated across the country's tourist areas and town centres, then I reckon we can confidently kiss goodbye to the 21st as the end to restrictions.

Never mind, eh - Boris just got married - Aaaaahhh, that's nice.... Mexican Wave

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@Projectionist Borris got married but his best man let him down....  Dominic!

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Good luck to his latest new wife - the odds aren't exactly on her side, are they ? Who will get chucked out first, her, the dog, or (hopefully) Boris, from #10 at least

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You don't need to wear a mask when walking outdoors, just in shops and pubs etc...

And to be fair 99% of people are wearing mask's when they need to.

Just please don't believe you read or hear in the Main Stream Media its all scaremongering.... 


Oh and by the way its now endimic and not a pandemic anynmore slight_smile


Just make sure when you get the call you have both your vaccines 

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Just because we're not legally obliged to wear a mask outdoors, doesn't mean it isn't still a good idea yahoo , especially where there are crowds - there are still a lot of unvaccinated / vulnerable people in society.

My news sources are The Guardian and the BBC, and I'm inclined to trust them both in terms of accuracy and not creating scaremongering.

Agreed about the vaccines.

Take care


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I agree @Projectionist, I do see quite a lot of people inside without masks, and we even had the anti-vaccination protest here in London over the weekend. And whilst I understand people's concerns, I think it's just important for us to think of the people around us and the economy in this situation. Fingers crossed things will be back to normal soon fingers_crossed

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