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Netflix - What are you watching?

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So then..


I’m currently making my way through The Haunting of Hill House, loosely based on the novel. It’s not hardcore make you jump scary but it’s enough to make you wonder what that noise was.

It’s only 10 episodes long so not a ‘Lost’ yawnathon.


Short review HERE .. read the first few paragraphs only!


So tell me, what am I watching next?



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Have you ever tried any of the Marvel Series like Daredevil or Luke Cage? I’m on Daredevil season 3 currently 

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I tried to watch Iron Man & was bored sh1tless, so I’ve avoided the whole lot.

Luke Cage peeked my interest but then I saw Mike Colter as lead.. He’s always going to be Lemond Bishop from The Good Wife. (It was the same when I saw Javier Bardem in Skyfall.. all I could see was Anton Chigurh)

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I will admit that Iron Fist was slow & boring. Luke Cage started off good but had a slow point in the middle of It

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Watched Hill House and now watching Sabrina (well the wife is) which is crap.
I'm going for Haunted or American Horror story next.....
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Nothing currently.


Waiting for Designated Survivor and Jessica Jones to come back.


I'm not really a comic book fan but Krysten Ritter is very easy on the eye wink



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I did Designated Survivor but the second series had me half asleep!
Great story in the first tho!
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Now then, would you like to pick from Sheepdog's Sci-fi Spectacular Selection?

  1. Travellers. Mind blowing (literally. Watch it and you'll get it) time travel proving you don't need CGI to do sci-fi.
  2. Continuum. You need to keep up with time travel bits but enjoyable especially if you play spot-the-canadian.
  3. 12 Monkeys: One of my favourites. More time travelling adventures and multiple twists in each series (3 series so far with one final one to come). Based on the Terry Gilliam film but you don't need to watch that.
  4. The Expanse. One word: EPIC. 
  5. Lost in Space. Finally a decent reboot that doesn't go all dark and tarnishing the original. Even pays homage to the original series if you catch them. Being a fan of the original, its definitely one you'd see clearly when it appears!

Family fun:

1) A series of Unfortunate Events. One of Netflix's best programs.

Well obviously I don't watch much in the "family" category yahoo

Into animation: 

  1. Transformers Prime. Whats not to like about Megatron v Optimus Prime fighting? Worthy sucessor to Beast Wars (yeah ok bit of Transformers fan). 
  2. Death Note: Japanese Anime and you have to keep your wits to follow it. No robots or cute characters but plenty of er, death. Very original. Avoid the live action film because it is atrocious. 
  3. Attack on Titan: Another Japanese Anime that strangely is intriguing. Usually Japanese story telling of a world away...
  4. Troll Hunters. Top class CGI animation, probably not quite for kids but excellent. 
  5. Puss in Boots: Yep, I'll admit I liked this a lot. 
  6. Voltron. A bit of 80's cheese applied but get past that and its a pretty good rebooted series that makes the original look even worse than it did in the 80's.
  7. Violet Evergarden: My personal favourite. A Japanese Anime that is incredibly emotional, a soundtrack that is just perfectly matched as is the animation itself telling a story that will engage your interest as you follow her journey. I won't spoilt it for you anymore and don't google it either - watch it. It has an english audio track so make sure you select that but the Japanese track is usually better with english subtitles (13 episodes of 25 mins). 
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Thanks @sheepdog i’ll take a goose at all of them!

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Daredevil is the best of the Marvel/Netflix series, although the first series of Jessica Jones was really good as well.
Newsroom is a great watch, as is The Wire. If you are after some horror (not scary but gory) then The Strain would be a good shout.

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