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Re: In-car tech devices and gadgets

@TallTrees Smiley Very Happy a chauffer would indeed be great to have! Smiley Very Happy


@sheepdog that video made me miss watching Knight Rider. heart eyes I could use that mode for my commute if I had a car. It would do that in the air above all other cars though so I could beat the traffic. thinking


@gmarkj The ones you mention sound like very helpful ideas for driving. In-car breathalyser especially for safety. The HUD overlay sounds quite futuristic and I could imagine them in the cars they drive in Black Mirror for example. Smiley Very Happy Are any cars already using something like that?




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Re: In-car tech devices and gadgets

Yes, but mainly the top end (BMW, Audi, etc) and they are not cheap - you are looking at £1k and up for a built in version.
You can also buy aftermarket versions - they look a little like a phone and sit on top of the dashboard and project onto the windscreen.
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