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Re: Huawei P20 Pro Whats in the Box?

@eihei wrote:

I can also confirm the phone came with a charger, clear silicone case, headphones and the headphone-USB-C jack. Also had a screen protector fitted on the front Smiley Happy 


Seems fairly intuitive to use even if some of the settings require a little digging out Smiley Happy 

I got mine a couple of months ago and wrote a review in the Reviews section.


I got all this stuff included too.  The case it comes with is pretty decent, although I did order another from Amazon that's similar but with matching blue sides.


One thing I found different at first was the lack of an "Apps" button to show all my apps. Instead, all apps have icons on the home screens, which I don't like because it clutters up the screens, and even though you can create folders, it still means loads of apps you'll never use being on your home screens.  Then I discovered you can change the home screen style in the settings.


Settings >> Display  >> Home screen style >> choose "Drawer" option and you get the apps icon, as shown below