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Re: Forza - Xbox One

Didn't bother with forza 6
Forza 5 left a bitter taste in my mouth at launch with continued greed and being shirt changed in cars and tracks

I am sick of the car packs that get released the same old re hashed cars year upon year granted there is so many cars they can model but why not include these on launch it gets the point where you pay £40-50 for game +nearly as much again for all the VIP passes and car packs etc

The lack of tracks in 5 was also an issue and I suspect but for the public backlash on the official forums they would have wanted to charge for the rescanned tracks at a later stage
As it happened they kind of admitted and blamed Microsoft that the game was rushed for launch day of the console hence a 9gb download on day one

Forza is more geared up for car collecting its moved away from racing

Don't like the fact in 6 its either day or night or raining or not it does not transition unlike project car's

Project cars for all its faults is more of a drivers game very unforgiving but is bug ridden in the Xbox one

Assetto corsa is due next year hopefully that might fair better
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Re: Forza - Xbox One

... so I take it your not up for a game then Smiley Very Happy
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Re: Forza - Xbox One

when its on games with gold yes i will play it 


annoyed really as i had played and enjoyed every forza since the first on the original xbox but 5 was bad