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Re: Follow the blue rat

Well.i do have dyslexia and dyspraxia and does effect memory then after typing about 5 mins later I remember I did make a post and with the nasty comments about feeding rat to tiger and so on how would you.feel if I said oh should feed your dog or cat to an anaconda you wouldn't like it so don't rats get enough stigma as is

I meant no offence @liggerz87. I thought we were all having a laugh and joking about your rats. I made a comment about Viridis keeping snakes and they would make a good meal for them

Everyone knows I have cats and I had many funny/weird things said about them usually by people who hate cats. 

Also I am sorry you have dyspraxia but no one knew that when we made our comments in jest.

Rats aren't everyones pet of choice. I'm sure you knew that when you posted. Anyway, apologies if you took offence at anything we said. .


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Re: Follow the blue rat

Don't worry about it it's ok it is a laugh you.knkw what I mean someone goes what pet you have oh I have cats oh I don't like cats should let a dog kill them rats get so much hate it's unbelievable my mum won't even come to my house abuse I got them even if I moved them.out if site she still wouldn't come over I saw there was a documentary about rats and I was like. Joe not watching that
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Re: Follow the blue rat

Hi @liggerz87

The 'Regulars' are a good lot on the community ... I made some nice comments about your rats & asked some questions ... I'm a crazy cat lady

My son has dyslexia & wasn't diagnosed until his mid twenties ... it would have made his schooling much easier for him = of course I blame myself

Please continue to post on the forum ... we would miss you now we've got to know you a little Smiley Happy

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Re: Follow the blue rat

@liggerz87 rats do get a bad reputation but yours are gorgeous looking animals! I don't know how you manage 23 of them though! I'd struggle to cope with 1. 

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