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Delivery charges and incorrect delivery results

My new i phone was to be delivered this morning before 10.30 (and I paid a fee of 5.99 for that priveledge) when my daughter was at home to accept it. However I have just checked, and the progress report now indicates that the delivery will not take place until about 15.30, when she may or not be at home.

So the extra fee has been a ripoff by O2, as at no time, has the delivery company been given those instructions!

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Re: Delivery charges and incorrect delivery results

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Yes this is annoying but hopefully it will arrive today and maybe you could ask a neighbour to take it in for you. If this isnt convenient then sadly you will have to ring O2 to rearrange delivery....


You should also be ringing thenm anyway to get the delivery charge refunded

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Re: Delivery charges and incorrect delivery results

The delivery fee and time of delivery is the responsibility of the courier and out of O2's control (although they are responsible for the phone until you receive it).
Is it UK Mail by any chance?
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