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Most of the contestants have been announced for the show so I will post them @Mi-Amigo and @sheepdog (and any other members who wish to join in.)

Dancing In Ice 24.png


The Contestants


RICKY HATTON MBE (Retired Boxer)

DOI24 RickyH.jpg



DOI24 Claire.jpg


HANNAH SPEARITT (singer S Club 7)

DOI24 Hannah.jpg


AMBER DAVIES (Love Island/ Now Musicals Star)

DOI24 Amber.jpg


GREG RUTHERFORD MBE (Track and  Field Olympian -Long Jump)


DOI24 Greg.jpg


MILES NAZAIRE (Reality Star -Made In Chelsea)

DOI24 Miles.jpg


STEPHEN LUSTIG-WEBB Hairdresser/Reality Star (Gogglebox)

DOI24 Stephen.jpg


LOU SANDERS Stand Up Comedian.


DOI24 Lou.jpg




DOI24 Ricky.jpg


ADELE ROBERTS Broadcaster and  DJ

DOI24 Adele.jpg



DOI24 Roxy.jpg


RYAN THOMAS Actor -Coronation Street. (His brother Adam currently on SCD.)

DOI24 Ryan.jpg


So 12 contestants currently. I think that will be it.


No word on Judges, although we know Jayne Torville and Christopher Dean will be there.



Originally Stephen Mulhern was replacing Philip Schofield and WAS appearing with Holly Willoughby. However, as she has now left This Morning, it's doubtful whether she will be appearing.


So this thread can be shelved until January. 😂 

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How sad that Greg is out!! Injured himself in rehearsals!!

So we only have three in final after all!

PS ITV have not released the music for each routine so I wont be listing any songs.

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I'm going to have a guess at the music  as a few clues were given. 😂

Great opening number by professionals.


Adele and Mark ( Music: Beyonce....Texas Hold Em )

Excellent complicated routine. Great performance Scored 40


Miles and Vanessa ( Music : A guess at Turn Me To Stone by Hidden Citizens.)

A lovely routine and all going so well until Miles fell. However as Chris said ' It's not how you fall but how you get up'. Scored 38


Ryan and Amani. (Music Believer by Imagine Dragons)

Great powerful routine. His best skate yet. Scored 40.


We then had a token skate by The Class of 24. All except Hannah Spearitt who turned up but made it clear she wouldn't be skating. The newswas she was so upset at being voted off 2nd when she was constantly ill. Mmmmm!


The first vote:

Adele and Mark were voted off so it was Miles and Ryan to skate Bolero.


We then had a lovely performance skate by Chris and Jayne.


Miles. I think he was a little shaken after his fall in his previous dance. It was a good attempt but didn't seem  to flow particularly well


Ryan. A lovely skate although not in the same class as previous years. Better than Miles though.


The public voted Ryan and Amani as the winners.


As Jayne and Chris are touring later this year and the show is called The Last Skate, I don't think we'll see Dancing On Ice on TV again. (Just my opinion)


PS, I think had Greg skated tonight, he would have won. 😊

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Real shame Greg injured himself in rehearsals. I think he would have been one to skate to Bolero.

Great opening by the professionals.

First round - judges marks don`t count in deciding who goes through to skate Bolero.

Adele and Mark - her best performance in the series. 

Miles and Vanessa - loved the performance, shame about the fall.

Ryan and Amani - brilliant performance.

Public voted Adele and Mark in third place. Right decision, in my opinion.



I thought Ryan and Amani gave a better performance than Miles and Vanessa, and deserved to win. 


I thought Chris and Jayne skated a lovely routine - which I guess is from their forthcoming show.


I hope DOI does return next year.


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What a shame about Greg being injured. Kind of made the program a bit of a let down and in that respect, it was. More later. Do I give credit to Ashley Banjo for dressing up and having a suit that fitted? Of course, he made the effort for the final. Unlike Chris who didn't wear a shirt and tie....Holly's off the shoulder strap annoyed me. 


Adele: Found it difficult to follow. Whether it was the shoddy cutting between cameras or just a lot going on in the routine with all the pro dancers around. I'd go for the latter. As for that Beyonce tune, downright awful and nowhere near as good as the most cringiest country song. 


Miles: Oh for that slip! Otherwise would have been perfect. 


Ryan: Wait, what? This was the best routine of the three for me. He came out and went for it. Again shoddy camera work though. 


Lots of filler to mask the disappearance of Greg screwing up the running times by being unable to compete. 


The class of 24 reminded us why we had 3(4) finalists. Hannah Spearitt missing probably due to not being capable. Or on something that impaired judgement. 


Along came two whippersnappers and embarrassed everyone on the show by being 14. To say they were good would be an understatement. Think we'll see more of them in the future if they carry on like that. Also delivered the win big segment with a touch of sweetness and innocence!


Bolero - Adele got kicked out which was no surprise as she'd been through so much you know. Miles did better stuff in the other shows though this lacked the fluidity. Ryan basically skated around and we agreed in the house, there was no style and a really poor ending. @Cleoriff agree, other years were far better in Bolero interpretations. 


So overall, a bit of a let down with Ryan winning but kind of expected it when Greg pulled out, Ryan did a great showcase and Miles didn't wow as he normally does. And the bigger fanbase which probably swung it. 


Otherwise, a pretty good series with Stephen Mulherne stepping in and not having a same sex pairing made the series better in my opinion. Think it may be the last of Holly on DOI too but given T&D end their run next year, it may be a case of both her and DOI ending together and they'll it a day again. 


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Shame about Greg being unable to skate. Classy opening by the professionals. Didn't take to the 'hoe don't of Adele - a riot of colour there. Found I was watching Vanessa (Bauer ?) not Miles in his skate. Game of Thrones Ryan = Brilliant! ....... Right that two male skaters got to dance Bolero. Preferred Ryan's understated serene to Miles'. Pleasure to see Jayne & Chris skate. Ryan a worthy winner. He seems a nice guy. DOI a better entertainment show than SCD Strictly Come 🪩 Dancing. 


Great to have @Cleoriff @sheepdog @Mi-Amigo 

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[Edit] hoe down, not hoe don't.

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Glad to see that Ryan won he was brilliant 

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I shall miss the posts of DOI.

Ah well ... ... ... SCD will be back soon enough.

Likely as not Chris & Jayne will do themselves a favour and with their farewell tour 'The Last Skate.' Would love to see them again in that tour. I have seen them what seems like eons ago at Sheffield arena when there used to be coach tours from the town. both Chris & Jayne have families and I do wonder if their kids are interested in ice dancing. Loved the skate by the youngsters on the show. I usually enjoy the Winter Olympics, but it has passed my by this year.


Thanks again to @Cleoriff  @sheepdog @Mi-Amigo for your interesting and entertaining comments xxx slight_smile 

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