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O2 priority

Hi, I tried to get registered in O2 priority's app.
I wrote my phone number, sent the MOMENTS message to the number: 50202, but the pin never came. It just came a text message saying this:
"O2 Rewards: Sorry, we didn't get that. Please try again. Text REWARD to join O2 Rewards; SAVE to save rewards; CLAIM to claim Rewards; BALANCE to check balance and STOP to opt out."
Please help.
Thank you.

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Re: O2 priority

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Hi @Pauvalerof

First off I would delete the Priority app and reinstall. That usually fixes a lot of problems

Also take a look at the T's and C's here to make sure you are eligible


Edited to add a few FAQ's https://priority.o2.co.uk/faq

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Re: O2 priority

You register when you open the app. No need to send any texts to any number, but, if you have just joined O2 and ported your number in, it may take a few days for your number to be populated on the system for it to be recognised and work.
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Re: O2 priority

As said, you only need to install the app, open it, enter your mobile number and then O2 will text you a pin number to enter which will activate the app for you. So very easy.

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Re: O2 priority

Welcome to the forum @Pauvalerof smiling 


Did the information above help you make some progress wih the Priority app or are you still stuck? 

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