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Back to Basics: Spectrum

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Hey everyone,


Spectrum is vital to a mobile network because it’s what allows mobile communication signals to travel. This info-graphic and additional information should help provide an easy way to explain/ understand spectrum and how we use it at O2.


Refarming our Spectrum

In basic terms, the re-farming of spectrum is just the reallocation of frequency bands to different communication services depending on customer need. For example, as the demand for 2G services diminish, the frequencies currently used to provide Voice and Messaging services are becoming re-farmed to provide 3G and 4G services. 


We were the first operator to reuse our 2G spectrum on the 3G network and are now extensively re-farming from our 2G and 3G networks to enhance our 4G capacity where we see most of our data traffic. Some of our services rely on our 2G network, such as our Smart Metering contract, so we have no immediate plans to turn the technology off. However, we are looking into alternative technologies that could replace our 2G network in the future.


O2 - Network Spectrum Infographic (600px)-2.jpg


Dynamic Spectrum Sharing

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) allows you to share the same frequency of spectrum between the 4G and 5G bearer, by dynamically allocating the spectrum between the two technologies, dependant on user demand.


Remember, all of the images we share on this board can be shared with the wider customer community, so feel free to use these as an aid to your network conversations. 

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I used to have a ZX Spectrum...well, the kids did!tongue_winking


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