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Best Network for Performance

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Hi everyone, 


Our network won Best Network Performance at the Mobile News Awards for the last two year’s running. We maintain and improve performance quality by listening to our customers and investing in the right technologies.


Best Network for Performance 1.png


Best Network for Performance 2.png


Drive testing:

We drive over 21,000 miles up and down the  UK each year, on motorways, A roads and  smaller roads, making 110,000 voice calls  and 760,000 data tests each month, to test  our network against our competitors.


Postcode surveys:

Every week we send out c25k-30k surveys to customers in 120 postcode areas across the UK. We use these surveys, alongside the network data, to identify where we need to focus our efforts and come up with localised plans to improve customer satisfaction with the network.


Improvements made:

These customer-centric methods have allowed us to make network improvements, including:

  • Spectrum re-farming - We move spectrum from our 3G network to our 4G network, to give customers more capacity and speed.
  • Rolling out our 2.3GHz 4G spectrum to the places that need it across the country.
  • Deploying additional spectrum in this way has enabled us to enhance 4G capacity and improve throughput by up to 35% for c.200,000 UK postcodes in 2019.


Remember, all of the images we share on this board can be shared with the wider customer community, so feel free to use these as an aid to your network conversations. 

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