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Refresh payment still not received.

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I upgraded and sent off my old phone for 'refresh'. Firstly they contacted me to say that they couldn't pay me the full amount as there was a fault on the phone that I had sent in, I asked what this was and they sent me a sketchy photo saying that there was a fault with the screen so had amended the quote. As I was also due the additional £250 for the refresh I had no option really but to accept (wonder how many others have experienced this??). I was then sent an email on 1.4.22 to say that the monies were on their way and should be in my account within 10 days. I am still waiting, have emailed several times and had no real response except the standard 

''Thank you for contacting O2 Recycle.  We are currently experiencing high volumes of emails and will respond to you as quickly as possible. Currently average response time for emails is 48 hours''.

I rang last week and after 45 minutes eventually spoke to someone, who confirmed that the monies were cleared on 22.4.22 and would be in my account by 6.5.22.

It is now the 9.5.22 and still no monies and still no response sent on 6.5.22.

Has anyone else had the same issue or am I being scammed??

Wish I had never renewed my contract with O2, this will be the last time I do as unable to get any straight answers from anyone or anywhere.

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Have you spoke to your bank, and if they can see any inbound BACs payments to your account. 


Ingram Micro, the company who run o2 recycle are one of the largest Mobile Distributors in the World, so doubt you are been scammed. 

You will need to contact them again on 0333 4004237, and ask them to send it via Faster Payment if you still dont have the money, and also make sure they have all the correct bank details and they match exactly to what your banjk has, as due to SCA payments can now be bounced if they dont match. 

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Hi madasaf1sh...thanks for your reply......Its supposed to be paid into my device plan to reduce the monthly amount, nothing to do with bank. I haven't got the time to spend sitting for nearly another hour to speak to someone as work fulltime. I was just wondering if anyone elses payment had been delayed before I try and email them AGAIN.

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