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Just want to say a massive thank you to you guys!

Received a random parcel today and was a bit thrown off as I wasn't expecting anything to arrive to open up the above.


I cannot thank you guys enough and the fact you even sent stuff for my ManFlu..... will be much much better equipped for the next time of suffering rofl


What a really nice gesture..... again, thank you smiling

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Re: #o2surprises

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Re: #o2surprises

Nice one 😁
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Re: #o2surprises

@RyanK1992 I'm glad you liked it, and hopefully you'll find all the bits and pieces in there useful wink Anything you'll find handy before your next man flu hits?

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Re: #o2surprises

Excellent well done enjoy the o2 goodie bag @RyanK1992

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Re: #o2surprises

Excellent surprise @RyanK1992!

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Re: #o2surprises

[ Edited ]

The tracker will come in very very handy @EmilieT !!!

I'll make good use out of everything that's for sure yahoo

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Re: #o2surprises

What a great thoughtful surprise @RyanK1992 Well done. wink

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Re: #o2surprises

Nice surprise @RyanK1992 

Enjoy.... thumbsup

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Re: #o2surprises

Enjoy the treat @RyanK1992