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o2 e mail and windows 10

I have just bought a new windows 10 laptop for my dad and he has an O2 e mail address. He moved his brodband to Sky when they took over 02 broadbadn and later  to BT. The problem is that I cant get the windows mail programme on the laptop to recognise his e mail and password. The password and e mail address are correct as I have set it up on my phone. I have also managed to set up my BT email on his new laptop.Anyone got a solution. Its doing my head in. any help would be appreciated

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Re: o2 e mail and windows 10

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O2 email started to be discontinued in Sept 2013 unless you moved to Sky. Probably Windows 10 won't recognise it now as it isn't supported . We have been advising customers to set up a new email account for a few months. If you are having problems it is probably better to forget O2 email and start with something new...

Edited to add.... my husband ran Win 10 and we have a BT email address. It worked fine

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Re: o2 e mail and windows 10

What app / client are you using for the o2 email address?
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