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Your feedback on forum Profile and Settings pages

Hi everyone, I hope your week is going well. Smiley Happy


As you may know, we've started doing some work in the background to improve the forum and continue doing that in 2018. One of the areas we have recently asked for your feedback on is the forum Search, which is being worked on at the moment and you should see some changes there this week; thanks everyone for your comments.

The next areas we would like to improve are:

  • Forum member profile page (you can get there by clicking on your username at the top of the forum page)
  • Forum member settings page (click on the "My Settings" at the top of the forum page)


As with the search page, we would like to ask what you think of the current profile and settings page, and if there's anything that you would suggest for improvements, since you guys use these pages the most? 


For example...

  • Are the Settings easy/difficult to use?
  • Anything in there that you never use and feel should be removed?
  • What about the member profile page, any comments on the different things displayed there?
  • Any examples from elsewhere that you've come across and think are great in some way?


Really looking forward to your thoughts. Smiley Happy



Feedback Thanks!

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Re: Your feedback on forum Profile and Settings pages

I'm good with both of those.
To be honest, I don't have any need to change anything in there very often.
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Re: Your feedback on forum Profile and Settings pages

Just a thought. People have asked about deleting accounts before so how about a delete option
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Re: Your feedback on forum Profile and Settings pages

[ Edited ]

I have no problem with any of those currently @Marjo



1) I would suggest someone (NOT ME) provides a step by step guide on how to do an avatar and profile picture.. This may sound silly for the technically minded who are able to knock out a new one within a minute but I don't find that easy at all. In fact I have never done my own avatar or profile picture ever!

I have relied on good friends on here to do it for me. I will provide the pics I want to use and leave them to get on with it. Smiley Very Happy

2) Then we have the business with the signature in colour.

Why can't we have a box with the colours in it as we do here when posting, instead of the jiggery pokery we currently have to perform to get a coloured signature? For instance mine is in red and this is what we have to do to get that colour!...

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Re: Your feedback on forum Profile and Settings pages

I'm quite happy with both as they stand. However, I agree with @Cleoriff on some guide to changing/adding an avatar. I've changed mine to my favourite big cat but it wasn't easy and took quite some time. I won't be doing that again in a hurry LOL

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Re: Your feedback on forum Profile and Settings pages

Not a place I visit often, but I shall refresh my memory later and come back... The Signature thing looks to be a bit of a handling, though, judging by @Cleoriff's comment further up.
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Re: Your feedback on forum Profile and Settings pages

Hi Marjo     I tried to find these but at first got stuck, ventually found them .


I cant say I use these very much at all.  I didnt know how to find my posts but do now.

I always struggle to write and to find PMs.


For me theres nothiong very vital. I know know how to revisit my posts  but apart from finding the people on PMs theres ot much else there of use on settings


Not much showed on profile and wasnt sure what it was for.


If both are needed , made fonts a little larger and have a short guide to using them plus more user friendly

Colin doing ok . Might be able to drive next week so life can return to normal.

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Re: Your feedback on forum Profile and Settings pages

The forum is a minefield for me. I want see threads that have been posted most recently, but never can. Several people have suggested ways to do it but none do it exactly. so what do I look in to try..


Linear layout? Topic layout? Forum Q&A default thread sort/filter?


what the hell do they mean? Where’s the button that says latest post 1st?


ive just looked in the forum settings and my name and email address are public by default... why? Why is not a question when you sign up. And why is that hidden deep in the settings? 


I have remove signatures from posts (as I’m on an iPad only) and the signatures are still there, oh wait that’s because I clicked it on email settings instead of Personal profiles. Confusing..


For me as a technophobe even trying to master the basics is a nightmare. Maybe this is the way things are, but for me.. not a good experience!


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Re: Your feedback on forum Profile and Settings pages

[ Edited ]

@AnonymousUsing my PC and looking at latest posts I do this .

Unread posts March.JPG

It will always show you the last unread one posted. It's the same on mobile if using Full View

NB the Unread post option will show top right hand corner of every page you visit

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Re: Your feedback on forum Profile and Settings pages

I don't have any problems with changing avatars or badge now but I must admit it took a little while to get my head round it initially. It certainly isn't easy for newcomers to the community and I agree with @Cleoriff that it would be good if e someone a little more computer literate than myself could write a step--by-step guide unless changes are made to make it easier.

In particular it would help to make the boxes bigger because its particularly difficult to enter codes on mobile or to edit. That's one of the reasons I haven't changed mine for a good while, I don't have access to a PC or laptop these days and my eyesight isn't that great so I just leave things as they are.