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SHOCKING o2 recycle service

Do not use o2 recycle! After not realising they had text (due to the flurry of o2 texts last week about receiving a new phone, surveys, maintenance in our area, etc) they have paid out £64 and informed me I can no longer get my phone back. Firstly, why not just send back the device, or just call me?! This was apparently due to screen burn (which I can confirm was an issue my phone did not have and was not noticed in the store, who said it was in 'mint condition' and quoted £128).

The worst bit?! They have also done the same to my partners phone, which was not even a year old, same day , same email, same 'issue', same amount of money! Coupled with a completely unempathetic customer service agent when asking why this has happened, this has been a shocking experience and a complete waste of my time.
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Re: SHOCKING o2 recycle service

@Philts105 They are known for pulling stunts like this & the screen burn excuse is the latest one. Ask for your phone back as that is your right

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Re: SHOCKING o2 recycle service

Always a flurry of these on the run up to Christmas!
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Re: SHOCKING o2 recycle service

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That's pretty disgusting if honest (both the price and the fact they omitted to tell you of the revised offer!!)


I would certainly put in a complaint as I'm not sure our community managers could help now they have paid out Smiley Sad



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Re: SHOCKING o2 recycle service

Yet another shocker from O2 Recycle rage