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My contract with o2

In 1989 I got my first mobile phone ...
I have never moved companies unless the company has changed hands and apart from prefixes changing I have never changed my number ...
Therefore on the exact moment o2 came into existence I was a customer.... how can I find out if I am the longest serving customer on the o2 books
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Re: My contract with o2

Probably not the longest @Geordiebill as I know of a few who were with Cellnet and still here now, but it's certainly a long time thumbsup

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Re: My contract with o2

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I doubt they would be able to tell you to be honest.

The oldest customer on the books is probably someone who has been with Telecom Securicor Cellular Radio Ltd / Cellnet / BT Cellnet since 1985 and will be an enterprise customer..

o2 has been around since 1985 in various guises... So if you have one of the original 04xx prefixes then you will be one of the oldest customers from the days of TACs. I think the original Prefix was 0401

Telecom Securicor Cellular Radio Ltd. became Cellnet became BTCellnet with the Genie Sub brand, which became o2 then sold to Telefonica.


edited as missed out BT

I miss Genie, was innovative

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