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Hi I couldn’t find anywhere to post good feedback. So their was a error with my monthly payment the first person I spoke to was a lady she didn’t seem to be able to fix the issue and even spoke to the floor supervisor and that it would be Monday before the issues was sorted and before it was sorted I was told to contact the bank about this which after 20 minutes was a waste of my time as the bank was unable to do anything about it not happy with this as I was dreading having to call back to explain all over again, Then when I called back I spoke to a gentleman explain a little what the problem was and he knew by looking at my account what had went wrong and sorted this issue within seconds was on the call no longer than a minute and the issue was sorted. Unsure if your able to pass on the feedback but I’ll like to just say that this guy is a credit to your o2 team and if all company’s have people like this guy working for them customers service would be a easy hassle free experience
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Re: Goodfeedback

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@Marjo  will ask you for some more details and make sure the adviser is duly commended.


Thank you for posting good feedback We are quick to complain but expect good customer service and are slow to give praise. Makes a nice change to read of good experiences.

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Re: Goodfeedback

I agree quick to complain but it is extremely important to give good feedback. THANK YOU @Lavo07

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Re: Goodfeedback

Great to hear good feedback @Lavo07 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum Welcome

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Re: Goodfeedback

People are always too quick to post the bad feedback - it's good to see someone take the time to post the good.

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Re: Goodfeedback

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback @Lavo07! I'll drop you a message so I can get the necessary info to find out who you spoke with and pass on your kind words. yahoo

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